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(Maya绘画特效基础教程)Paint Effects 101 Fundamental Techniques with Ethan Summers


Gnomon Maya Paint Effects 101-植物生成绘画特效教程,完整版  DVD ,包含工程文档.应网友要求,特重新提供下载

Maya Paint Effect 为动画师提供了模拟星空、闪电、动植物、海底世界、食物、器物等现实界事物的绘笔工具,它可同时运用于3D 及2D 的创作上.

这张DVD深入的讲解了Maya中的Paint Effects功能的基本内容,讲师Ethan Summers将逐个讲解这个强大的工具包的特点.教你如何控制你的多边形网格的密度,管理你的压力与控制曲线,并且建立一个有效率的工作流程. 讲师Ethan还会展示各种不同的类型的Paint Effects的动画方法,和把Paint Effects联接到动力学的方法.

This DVD plunges into the basics of Maya's Paint Effects. Ethan Summers gives you a feature-by-feature examination of this powerful package, teaching you to control the density of your polygon mesh, to manage your pressure and control curves and to establish an effective workflow process. Ethan will explain various types of animation and illustrate basic ways Paint Effects can connect to dynamics within Maya.



  • Paint Effects Variables
  • Pressure Curves
  • Control Curves
  • Poly-mesh Density
  • Animation Types
  • Shadows




  1. Introduction to Paint Effects
  2. Paint Effects Tools and Windows
  3. Brush Node Basics
  4. Brush Shading
  5. Tube Growth Parameters
  6. Forces and Flow Animation
  7. The Paint Effects Menu
  8. The Stroke Shape Node
  9. Wrap-up


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